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Yahoo! News has a story from the Washington Post:

Now comes a fresh group of contenders for the Internet TV throne, all trying new twists on sending video over the global computer network. They carry funky names, too, like Akimbo, DaveTV, RipeTV and TimeshifTV. All are trying to exploit the increasing number of high-speed Internet links in homes and the declining costs for transmitting and storing digital video.

Some offer personalized entertainment networks, ones you or I create by mixing and matching niche programs that appeal to our inner couch-potato. Like TiVo (news – web sites), the digital recorder company, these services are trying to break away from the static program lineups that dominate today’s TV. Unlike earlier Web video networks — flops such as and Digital Entertainment Network — today’s contenders collect content from other companies rather than producing their own.

Most of the new players are operating on the fringes of the Internet video free-for-all. That’s because virtually all the leading cable and satellite companies, along with the movie studios, are rushing to develop their own video-on-demand services.

What remains to be seen is whether the niche content from these start-ups — and others in the works — can attract audiences big enough to carry them through to an era when mainstream entertainment finally pops up on Internet video guides.

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