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Interesting to see the projects coming around the Google Desktop. Kent Fitch writes:

If Google Desktop were accessible from places other than the machine on which it was installed, some interesting possibilities would arise:

  • Install it on a web site and use it to index/search/cache copies of the static pages (and unless you are very careful, the web server logs, configuration settings, scripts with embedded passwords…)
  • Install it on a workgroup file server and use it to index/search/cache copies the contents (including secret memos, tedious MSPowerpoint presentations, suprising job applications and resumes, commercial-in-confidence tender information…)
  • Install it on your PC’s at work and home and your laptop and search/retrieve on any from the others (along with anyone else who uses/steals/spoofs the right IP addresses)
  • Use it as the basis for a distributed, maybe a P2P search service

    The Java program described here allows others to search your Google Desktop.

  • A post from John Battelle:

    For some reason I found myself thinking late last night about what it means when there are millions of local google HTTP servers running on millions of individual PCs, yearning to be connected. What kind of innovation might spring from such an ecology? Of course uploading your local content – just that which you want to upload, of course – to Google’s index is one possibility. If you could do that, you could pretty much wipe out hosted solutions for micropublishing (ie blogs), for example. Your machine, given advances in broadband and computing power – would become your web server, just as it was in the beginning, when there was so little traffic on the web (before the hosting business took over…). GDS could also lay down the framework for some killer distributed computing hacks, stuff that Google has demonstrated an affinity for in the past (Google Compute is built into the Toolbar).

    But thoughts fail me. What comes to mind from you all when you think of a world where all our hard drives can seamlessly be connected to the Mother Index/Platform?

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