Smart Mobs points to NeoroGrid:

The idea behind NeuroGrid is to provide a framework for finding information within a distributed environment. NeuroGrid is based on the idea of automating the process we use in human society to find out things that we want to know, or the locations of things that we need.

Imagine that you are trying to find out some information about rock-climbing. You ask your friends if they know of a rock-climbing club. Ideally you ask the ones who you think might have done rock-climbing in the past. One or two of your friends might put you in touch with people who might know, and eventually you will find a club. Of course you can search the phone directory, but the point is, in the absence of a centralized index you do a search using your wits, and the wits of your friends. You don’t (as one might imagine from routing in some P2P systems) ask all your friends and rely on them to ask each of their friends propagating your question all around the world.

NeuroGrid has wits. It uses them to try and help you find things.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.