TiE On-Demand Panel in Bangalore

I am part of a panel on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in an On-Demand World being organised by TiE in Bangalore on December 8. Other panel members are Steve Savignano, Chairman & CEO, Ketera Technologies, and Venkat Panchapakesan, CEO of Yahoo! India. Here’s a brief about the discussion:

With the promise of lower capital investment, rapid ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership, on-demand business applications are rapidly changing the face of the enterprise software market, challenging incumbents, and bringing hitherto large enterprise solutions to the price-points that target mid-market and smaller enterprises.

While established players like Yahoo! have offered applications such as Web-hosting and email challenging the likes of MS-Exchange, startups like Ketera, Salesforce.com, Intacct and Netsuite are offering business applications like eProcurement, Spend Management, CRM and Accounting applications, challenging the likes of Ariba, Siebel, i2 and other enterprise software companies.

This panel discussion examines the industry move to on-demand from several aspects, notably:

* What constitutes an on-demand business application
* The value proposition of on-demand
* What applications are most conducive to on-demand delivery
* The role of consulting services
* Case studies
* Opportunities for entrepreneurs

I plan to talk about “commPuting” in the context of emerging markets like India – centralising software and content delivery to thin clients to reduce TCO and also tackle complexity.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.