KnowNow’s RSS Management Plan

CRN has an interview with Michael Terner, CEO of KnowNow. Excerpts:

We put in an RSS solution for ING, one of the largest banks in Europe, that allows them to utilize, manage and control RSS within their corporation. They have over 100,000 employees, and they’ve been using IBM WebSphere portal to distribute information to employees. They also have news feeds they wanted to distribute to employees through the portal. You can get a portlet from IBM for RSS, but today it only handles one feed. Of course, they wanted it to be able to handle multiple feeds, and they didn’t want to install code on the client. Finally, it also helps them address a key problem that is emerging from the deployment of RSS. With users doing updates every hour or every four hours, you’re bombarding the infrastructure internally. With our server, we deliver information only when there’s new information. It eliminates all of the pulling requests. KnowNow remembers who you are and what you’re interested in and keeps the link open in such a way that there’s no traffic on the lines. It’s a publish-and-subscribe model.

You can build an application that doesn’t require software to be installed. E-mail and Excel are an integration problem that hasn’t been resolved yet. We built an application that is on our Web site that looks like an RSS reader. We set that thing up so the headers change color as it ages. Because we have a publish-and-subscribe model, management can view activity such as responses to incoming calls by simply being a master subscriber. It requires good business partners to be able to build these applications, but it doesn’t require a complex application developer because there’s no client code to install and most of the work of getting the information moved around is being done by the system. In many ways, this allows you to treat the data sources as a service for the client, whether it has software running on it or not. So you enable that whole software-as-a-service model.

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