Ideal Media Company

Mark Glaser writes on the media company he would like to work for:

* A news outlet that creates new content, aggregates the best outside content, and makes sense of everything, presenting it in a clear, simple format for the consumption of everyone.

* A company founded on the values of serving the public and allowing the public to serve journalism by participating in all discussions of mission and direction.

* A company that answers directly to its readers and consumers and doesn’t talk down to them from editorial ivory towers.

* A group of like-minded people who are willing to start from scratch and build a new way of doing smart, groundbreaking citizen journalism. Not too amateur, not too professional but something in between.

* A company that is flexible and knowledgeable, with people who “get it” and understand how they can tap the latest technology to improve the craft of journalism — and help it survive. These new journalists would blend the research done online via search and databases, the production process of a content management system, the community involvement of bulletin boards and wikis, and the delivery mechanisms of RSS, blogs and mobile platforms. Rather than teach old dogs new tricks, employ techno-literate people from inception. The “everyone gets it” company.

* A company where people realize that the Web audience is potentially global and therefore work together to create stories and packages that cross national and cultural boundaries.

* A place where news will be a conversation and not a one-way lecture. Where the readers will also report, edit, fact-check and photograph the world around them.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.