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AlwaysOn Network has a story about the future of mobile gaming by Paul G. Flanagan of Ariadne Capital:

So, where does the future lie for mobile multiplayer gaming, and what is going to be the most fun and accessible:
Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, or Wi-Fi?
Mobile phones, PDAs, or gaming decks?
Real-time, phantom racing or turn-based games?
Sports games, racing, shooters, or location-conscious gaming?

Currently there is a lot of effort going into making games that run over GPRS and 3G networks. Features include uploading and viewing high scores, buying items, leaving messages for other players, and phantom racingnothing particularly thrilling, in other words.

What I really want are high-performance games I can play against friends I am with. Why? Because it’s most fun.

This is the opportunity for the savvy handset manufacturers: Enable Bluetooth for games; up the spec on your mass-market handsets; sell millions of units of handsets and games; and watch mobile gaming explode. If the operators won’t put the games on their top 10 game decks, sell them through your portals or those of game publishers.

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