Crichton’s State of Fear

I saw and bought Michael Crichton’s newest book – “State of Fear.” The backdrop is global warming and eco-terrorism. It is long – nearly 570 pages in the paperback version available in India (Rs 250). Crichton is one author I like to read – have read all his last 6-7 books. But increasingly, I have been disappointed. “Timeline” and “Prey” were average. And so is “State of Fear.”

Crichton backs up his hypothesis with excellent and in-depth research and data. But somehow, I get the feeling that the book drags after some time. There are interesting twists, and a strong message about science. Overall, plenty to learn about the world’s weather and climate from the book. But a thriller. A mixed bag.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.