Dream Features of an All-In-One Handheld Device

From the results on an AvantGo Mobile Lifestyle Survey:

1. Calendar/contact list
2. Easily syncs with PC
3. Great battery life
4. E-mail/messaging
5. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
6. Compact size
7. MP3 player
8. Phone
9. Large screen
10. GPS locator
11. 20+ gigabyte memory
12. Camera

A comment from Blackberry Blog: “If you just take the top 4 and assume that those are the most important, it seems the users are saying something different than the market. More and more devices are coming with color screens, big harddrives / memory cards, MP3 capabilities, video playback and cameras, but users still just want to be able to maintain a list of contacts, synchronize those contacts with a PC, not have to charge their device and be able to send and receive email and SMS. No wonder Blackberry sales are going through the roof!”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.