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Join the Dots is a story in the Indian Express about Indian bloggers. It has a small excerpt about me:

[A self-contained, indulgent space] is the last thing one can call, entrepreneur Rajesh Jains two-year-old web log on emerging tech, enterprises and markets.

Jain, founder of Indiaworld, the countrys first portal that was sold to Sify in 1999 for $115 million, prefers terse e-mail replies supplemented by appropriate links than one-on-one meetings. He says everything one needs to know about him or what he has to say about technology is there on the blog, real time. In fact, the blog is Jain, in HTML.

Today, I can imagine being without an email or a cellphone for a day, but not without blogging, says Jain, who blogs every morning for 30-40 minutes, with one column, and about 4 to 5 links with abstracts to other articles/blog posts.

The blog reflects his latest thinking, built on the minds of many others. The comments that I receive from many of the readers (and other bloggers) help in refining and getting the best from a community smarter than any single individual.

Well, regarding the “terse email replies supplanting one-to-one meeting” — Murali Menon, one of the two writers, caught me on an exceptionally busy four-day period and so I had to decline a meeting. Anyways, I have no real penchance for photos in newspapers and magazines! Email replies and links to things I have written about why I blog can work just as fine.

Overall, a nice story — hopefully, it will get more Indians to start blogging. And more importantly, sustain it over a period of time.

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