Long Tail Definitions

Chris Anderson writes:

Ideally, the three key elements of the Long Tail that a good definition should explain are: 1) the shift from hits to niches; 2) the economics of abundance (infinite shelf-space effect); 3) the aggregation of many small markets to make a big one.

These are the ones the are closest so far (several were articulated by more than one person; in those cases I’ve usually picked the shortest one; I’ve also tweaked a word or two):

Best Definitions:

* “The Long Tail is the realization that the sum of many small markets is worth as much, if not more, than a few large markets.” –Jason Foster
* The Long Tail is what you get when the obscure becomes ubiquitous.– Eric Akawie
* The Long Tail is the 80% of stuff that didn’t used to be worth selling.–Greg
* “The Long Tail is the story of how products that were once considered fringe, underground or independent now collectively make up a market share that rivals the bestsellers and blockbusters.” –Bob Baker

Best Slogans:

* Trickle-up economics!Joshua Wood
* The end of the 80/20 Rule!Eric Etheridge
* Everything, all the time!Jim Treacher (channeling Don Henley)
* A small number times a very big number equals a big number!Me (nominated by several readers)

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