Emergic Grid Team

Netcore is creating a utility computing platform to enable affordable and manageable computing, as part of our vision for tomorrow’s world. We believe that this platform will be the way computing will be made available to the next billion users.

We are growing our Emergic Grid development team which is building this centralised computing platform. We need people with a strong computer science academic background. Industry experience is a must. Positions are available at any of our four offices in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.

We are working on research and development of cluster and grid products and associated cluster and high availability and manageability infrastructure tools. Our team is responsible for research, design, development of state of the art high availability and manageability infrastructures, that makes applications easy to deploy and diagnose, provide continuous availability and ease-of-use. We work on challenging problems, in the areas of distributed services, high availability, configuration, grid management, workload management, and monitoring and supporting single system image.

Tech Leads (3)

Technical lead, who could work well in a team, define new projects, provide direction and mentor others. BS or MS degree and significant software design and development experience in one or more of the following areas–operating systems cluster and distributed systems, distributed file systems, storage systems, Linux kernel, high availability systems. A minimum of seven years of software engineering or related experience required. Must have system level programming skills in C and C++. Must have good communication skills and must be fluent in English. Proven track record to define, build and ship products in a timely manner Good communication and teamwork skills, good understanding of grid computing and knowledge of existing clustering and high availability products, and Networking are required.

Project / Product Manager (1)

Job Description:

  • Person must be able to handle all three areas described below.
  • Release management Responsible for creating and managing software release processes.
  • Project management Responsible for managing timelines, coordinating across different functional areas.
  • Product management Competitive analysis of the product. Create requirement specifications, track industry trends in similar products, come up with new product ideas. Interact with business partners.

    Requirements: BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. A minimum of four years of software engineering or related experience required. Previous experience as product manager/program manager. Must have excellent communication and coordination skills.

    If you are interested, please email me or fill out the feedback form on the blog.

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