Symbiotic Computer

U-blog writes about ” how to leverage the Power of the Internet with the UBIQUITY feeling of Mobile Phone” in a series [1 2]:

After Mainframe, Mini-Computer, PC (and notebook) time has gone to reload this path to create a new concept : the Symbiotic Computer (SC)

1) The SC will be A TECHNOLOGICAL DIRECT child of PC in the way of promoting personal autonomy and creativity to foster the decentralised model of P2P Internet

2) The SC will be A PUBLIC REPRESENTATION COUSIN of Mobile Phone whom it will foster the UBIQUITOUS AND PERSONAL-ASPECT sides

3) The SC will BREAK THE DISPLAY FUNCTION FROM the “Computing parts” (Store, compute and communicate) to accelerate the miniaturization of the CoreUnit.

4) The SC will be the Universal Interface with the informational semantic world that live on the web

5) The SC will live autonomously in symbiose with its user, performing tasks for the users BUT also acquire new data and actions by its own.

6) The SC will augment the Reality of our perceveible world AND NOT RECREATE an virtual and artificial universe

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.