Lucky or Smart?

That is the title of a Bo Peabody (of Tripod) book. Brad Feld outlines the table of contents of the 58-page book:

1. Lucky or Smart?
2. Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Made
3. Entrepreneurs are B-Students. Managers are A-Students.
4. Great Is the Enemy of Good
5. Start-Ups Attract Sociopaths
6. Practice Blind Faith
7. Learn to Love the Word No
8. Prepare to Be Powerless
9. The Best Defense Is a Gracious Offense
10. Dont Believe Your Own Press. In Fact, Dont Read.
11. Always Be Selling Your Stock
12. Know What You Dont Know

I haven’t yet read the book. My quick take: you have to be smart first, so that you can get lucky.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.