RSS for Field Sales

Charlie Wood writes:

To help their mobile sales forces stay productive, most companies have invested in the infrastructure of mobile data deliverylaptops, PDAs, cellphones, and BlackBerrys. But infrastructure is not enough. What remains missing is an application to track the constant stream of information a mobile sales force depends on, including:

* current product information, price lists, presentations, competitive information, positioning papers, and data sheets from sales enablement and product marketing personnel at corporate headquarters
* updates to outstanding customer support issues, critical situation notifications, consulting engagement status reports, and license renewal reminders from internal corporate systems
* breaking news, corporate financial results, and govenmental filings regarding prospects, customers, and competitors from external data sources
* best practices, win-loss reports, anecdotal information, contacts, and “watercooler talk” from peers

Such an application can be found in an Enterprise RSS system that continously aggregates information from a wide varierty of sources (including people, automated systems, and information feeds), provides a management interface to let adminstrators and users specify which information gets routed to whom and how, and pushes that information directly to users’ desktops and handheld devices. To enable information sharing among peers, the system should also provide its users the ability to publish their own feeds.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.