De-Linking Teaching and Testing

Atanu Dey writes on what’s needed in education:

The present educational system evolved in simpler times when technologies were comparatively rudimentary. All you had were books, blackboards, and hard-copy libraries as teaching and learning tools, and live teachers giving real-time instructions. Now we have (the possibility of) broadband access to the world wide web, electronic libraries, distance education, radio, TV, CDs, DVDs. Things that were not written about or heard about just a generation ago. The tools and technological capabilities have evolved astonishingly. Therefore the educational process cannot but be subject to radical change as well.

One such change that I foresee is that of the separation of instruction and testing…The point is that the basic charter of a school (I will use the generic ‘school’ to refer to any educational institution) is to instruct or deliver education. That the school also tests the students it instructs and then declares whether or not any specific student has met the standards that the school sets is an unfortunate fact that is taken for granted. It is my contention that in the information age, the time has come when schools should de-link instruction from testing, and should concentrate only on instruction and leave the testing to institutions that are specialized in testing.

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Rajesh Jain

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