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[via Marc Canter] Barb Dybwad writes:

I am still hooked on Marc Canters concept of the Digital Lifestyle Aggregator. Think of it as a local node that lets us have the best of both worlds: the awesome informative and communicative power of the distributed internet, and the centralization/aggregation of those bits of information created by, or most relevant to, an individual person.

So now I want my DLA to have both a front end and a back end – a public and private view. The public view will contains all of the data bits I want to be social:

* my bookmarks (an aggregate collection of, Furl, Spurl, and any future -url that may come into being)
* my public photos (an aggregate of my Flickr photos and well, no other service is worth mentioning, really ;))
* my blogs (an aggregate of The Unofficial Apple Weblog, this blog, my businesss blog, my personal blog, all of my photoblogs, and all the future blogs)
* posts I have made on other blogs (see sidebar on this blog for a woefully incomplete list of conversations)
* posts that I have made in message boards (trickier)
* some sort of aggregate of my media collection, media tastes and/or media recommendations (pull in,, Netflixs social component, All Consuming, when will the itunes Music Store get a comprehensive social component? etc.)
* public calendar, commentable. I want to broadcast where Ill be, recommend events to others, and I want them to be able to recommend events to me.
* extra-blog conversation interface: my blogs are driven by my own posts, but I want a way for my friends/colleagues to be able to initiate messages and questions for me, as well: publically and privately. A sort of email/message board hybrid.
* An aggregate of my aggregates: syndicate my blogroll(s) for others to enjoy, and be able to leave local comments on. They can participate in any discussion on the external blog too, of course, but it would be cool to have the option to start up a more localized discussion on the post, as well.

On the private site of the DLA, I want aggregated everything that is relevant to interacting with my digital life: a centralized dashboard of sorts. It would include things like:

* Interface to bank accounts, credit card accounts, other online bill payments
* interface to all memberships and subscription services: Netflix, iTunes Music Store, etc.
* Interface to my cell phone plans (I am on Sprint and Cingular now on two different phones): how many minutes Ive used, how many remain, how many MMS/SMS messages Ive sent on Cingular because theyre annoyingly stingy about that.
* Interface to Gmail and to pop mail accounts via webmail
* Interface to any online orders Ive placed and their status (not processed, shipped, FedEx tracking #s, etc.)
* Interface to all 8 gazillion social networking services of which I am a member or user
* Drag and drop interface to post to Flickr
* Blog posting interface to all blogs
* Interface to my also imaginary AI bot agents who have been diligently scraping the web according to provided search terms and concepts (may as well shoot for the moon here, right? :))
* A note-taking application that functions almost exactly the same way except: a) notes are not tied to URLs, they can just be freeform thoughts and b) each note has a public/private flag

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