Blogging in India

Dina Mehta writes: “The future of Indian blogging lies in more and more connectors, mavens and salesmen entering this field. The blogging epidemic may not follow all of Gladwell’s laws, but may focus on any one of these laws with significant impact on the rise or the fall of this epidemic. Indian blogs have evolved from personal diaries of youth or a techie’s ramblings into a more pervasive space for conversations. Individuals and groups are gaining from this social phenomenon. Journalists are using this new media to air their views and draw reader responses. Restaurateurs are having conversations through blogs with people and customers. One man’s no-holds barred views on Indian media is very widely read in advertising and marketing circles. A group of bloggers interested in the BPO industry has set up a community built on a blog platform. Many more communities are thriving. I have landed a couple of paying projects from Clients worldwide as a result of visibility and because my blog says much more about me than a cold website would.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.