Accessing and Managing Information

Andy Beal describes his tools of the trade:

Toolbar – Google; because I like the “blog this button” for blogger. No other reason, hence gets about half of my searches
Homepage – My Yahoo; great for keeping track of stocks, news, weather etc. I now probably do half my searching with Yahoo because of My Yahoo.
RSS (desktop) – Newsgator; I like reading feeds from Outlook
RSS (laptop) – Bloglines; just seems easier when on the road (I may switch desktop to Bloglines soon).
Instant Messenger – Trillian; no ads and I can IM both AOL and MSN accounts
Map Search – was MapQuest, now switched to Google Maps
Image search – Ask Jeeves; they just seem to have a fresher index
Blog search – Feedster; results seem accurate and updated often
Blog backlinks – Technorati; again seems to be most accurate
Desktop Search – Google for quick searches in email; Copernic for deeper searches
News Search – both Google and Yahoo.
Local Search – Yahoo; just because
Shopping – Pricegrabber; I always seem to find best prices and good selection of vendors.
Webmail – Yahoo for personal; GMail for the blog

Andy’s comment: “You’d think that one provider would be able to accomodate all of my needs, but I find that no one company has gotten everything right. It goes to show how tough it’s going to be for these companies to dominate in more than one space.”

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