100 Megabits at the Edge

Om Malik’s blog has a guest coumn by Robert Young :

What happens when you have 100 megabits per second connections on the edge of the network? In your homes, or in your pockets, or in your cars an always-on 100 megabit per second pipe that wirelessly networks your life. No, we are not talking about fast pipes to the Internet, but simple easy networks all around you.

Starting next year (2006), millions of people will begin to equip themselves with computers and portable devices capable of swapping files at a speed of 100Mbps, all wirelessly (WiFi/802.11n and UWB). Think about that 100Mbps!! Thats about a hundred times faster than what the average broadband user in the U.S. is accustomed to today.

More specifically, what Im talking about here is short-range computer2computer, device2device connectivity directly between people in close proximity of one another (think: Rendezvous).

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Rajesh Jain

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