John Battelle writes about Transparansee – “a neat technology that lives on top of structured search.”

Transparansee’s “Discovery Search Engine” seeks to address the “stupid computer” problems which plague most structured databases. You most likely have experienced some variant of this: you put in a set of parameters meant to find just what you are looking for – for example, on Fodor’s, you want French bistros in Chelsea priced at $35 with a food rating of 20 or above – and you get no results, or only one or two. You have a sneaking suspicion that the results are missing an entire set of possibilities which are “close enough” to what you want, but you’ve been limited by the parameters you chose – if you open it up too much, you get a bunch of stuff you don’t want. What to do?

Transparensee uses “fuzzy search” algorithms to scour a database and offer on the fly weighting based on any parameter you choose. Presto, what you want to see is at hand. It’s hard to describe, but an “aha” when you see it in action. For example, there may be the perfect French bistro for you, but because it’s one block away in another section of town, it does not get found. With Transparansee, you’d see it at the top of the list, because it matches on so many of the other weights.

This is powerful stuff when you think about it, and it solves a core database search issue, at least for me: you know there is the right answer for the query you are entering, but damned if it isn’t escaping you, due to the blunt nature of structured search.

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Rajesh Jain

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