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Mark Glasers writes about Yahoo’s use of RSS:

“[Yahoo’s] integration of RSS into My Yahoo and Yahoo generally is so profound in terms of what it means for Yahoo,” said John Battelle, author of the upcoming book, “The Search” and founder of the Industry Standard magazine. “Yahoo News, in the Web 1.0 way, was supposed to be your RSS aggregator. Now, they still do Yahoo News, but they’ve given the reins over to users to do feeds that aren’t necessarily blessed by Yahoo.”

So now those feeds have spread from My Yahoo to a mobile service, a desktop ticker and to Yahoo News — probably the most appropriate place for them. Birkeland, the product manager for news at Yahoo, said that they have to perform a balancing act on giving people the content they want without giving them too much to handle.

“You could give people a lot of content, but we want to avoid what we call ‘firehosing’ people,” Birkeland said. “We don’t want to point the firehose at people and let them figure out what’s going on.” But he’s excited about giving people RSS feeds at Yahoo News, which “literally will allow your own choices to exist right in the middle of our front page.”

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