World of Good

[via ZooStation] Global Social Venture Competition just announced the winners. First prize went to World of Good: “World of Good’s new line of globally sourced fair trade gifts and accessories brings ethically sources handcrafts into the mainstream retail market and aims to generate sustainable livelihoods for thoughts of artisans around the world. During 2004, its first year in operations, World of Good established sourcing partnerships with 70 fair trade artisan copperative in 20 different coutnries around the globe and increased sales for all of them. Products are sourced under fair trade guidelines that generate employment for women and disadvantaged communities, promise a living wage and promote social and economic development. Just months after World of Good installed its first in-store kiosk, our products are flying off the shelves in over 55 reatil locations, including bookstores, yoga studios and 14 Whole Foods Bay Area stores. World of Good’s 2004 run rate was over $400,000 in sales and its products have turned significantly faster than retail industry averages while generating markups of 100% for both retailers and World of Good. World of Good projects its 2007 revenues to be over $20 million.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.