Qualcomm’s 802.11nlightenment

[via Om malik] Unstrung writes:

Paul Jacobs, the new boss at the big Q, shed a little light on Qualcomm’s move towards 802.11, on the firm’s second-quarter earnings call.

“The work we’re doing will be increasingly important to allow phones to share multimedia content with other consumer devices,” the CEO said on the call.

He didn’t add much detail beyond that, but a high-speed, short-range transport mechanism has obvious appeal for Qualcomm, which is already a big proponent of video on phones. If — as seems likely — phones become all-singing, all dancing, digital audio and video players, then it will become increasingly necessary to transfer large files at speed among computers, home entertainment centers, and handsets.

Om ads: “I think it is clear, the company wants to re-distribute the content being streamed/downloaded to the handset to be shared in a home environment. How about video clips on the handset being played back on Plasma screen. Or could it be that, Qualcomm wants to turn the ‘handset into a set-top box.'”

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