Shifting of Time, Place, and Content

Pip Coburn writes:

The abstract is manipulating data, content, storage…. Whether it is your old wedding video plus pictures of your kids, or capturing Seinfeld and then distributing as holiday presents….

Five years from now, the concepts of time shifting, place shifting, and content shifting detailed at Dave Burstein’s Fast Net Futures conference a couple months ago will be a reality. The average human’s total perceived pain of adoption will drop.


Applications like MP3 players and digital still cameras foster a subset of potential users who are more equipped to consider that TiVo is not the VCR of yesteryear with a different name and wrapper, but a TiVo is, rather, a friend, not a foe. TiVo is not meant to scare Analogists but is meant to enrich lives. It is not really complex. And iPod users… they are less frightened of jumping in to figure out TiVo. iPod is a form of community service, as one helpful experience that makes other storage manipulation tech possibilities less frightening.

Indirectly, a crisis may build to get an iPod in order to fit in with much of society. That peer pressure inadvertently assists the sale of other storage manipulation-related technologies. The price of society membership in some parts of the world today includes being able to use a PC. In five years, in similar societies, there will be peer pressure around being able to manipulate data. Eventually, folks will learn how to manipulate and transmit personal and publicly accessible data, and they will learn about storage and content, in order to qualify as a member of society in many economically developed societies.

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Rajesh Jain

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