TenFold for Enterprise Apps

ZDNet has an article by Dan Farber:

Jeffrey Walker makes some seemingly outrageous claims. The iconoclastic founder and CTO of TenFold asserts that business users can build high-end enterprise applications ten times faster with his application development platform than using other development platforms. A salesforce.com-like CRM application can be created in “less than the time it takes to watch a movie,” according the company’s marketing literature.

For the last 12 years, Walker has been a bit of a Don Quixote, trying to reinvent the process of software development and the notion of programming. “The industry is in trouble,” Walker told me. “We haven’t had the tools to build complex applications.” With a replacement of legacy systems underway, Walker believes the time is right for a new, more efficient software development models, and his company’s Enterprise TenFold platform is the answer.

EnterpriseTenFold is to enterprise applications what Excel is to spreadsheets, Walker said. “Imagine any Excel spreadsheet in the world. Everything you type is nothing more than a parameter. TenFold is already programmed for every application in the world,” Walker boasted.

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