Enterpreneurial Themes

Roger McNamee writes:

A few major themes that entrepreneurs can leverage:

  • Time: No one has enough of time. Saving it and making the most of it are key drivers of consumer purchases today. Google and Blackberry save time. Portable music, DVD, and game players enable higher quality activities in limited time.
  • Full Duplex Automation: Most services on the web are automated on the provider side, but require lots of effort by the end user. What I want is services that are automated at BOTH ends: full duplex automation. My two favorite examples are MyYahoo and TiVO. You program them once and they work for you forever.
  • Universal authoring: Its astonishing how many devices exist today that enable consumers to create content. The tools for managing that content are still pretty lame.

    Here are a few of the innovations that I want to see . . .

  • Digital safekeeping: Now that family photos, music, and video are digital, protecting them is a real priority. What is the right model for personal back up and how do your make it automatic?
  • Full Duplex Search: Imagine a search engine that could watch the web for you. It could keep its eyes peeled for bargains, for specific news triggers, or whatever you want . . . and then send you an emailor execute a transactionwhen it found what you want.
  • BitTorrent client for the rest of us: Video on the internet is way too hard to use. What I want is a product that provides TiVO-plus functionality for digital downloads over the internet . . . full duplex automation that doesnt require a computer science degree. Done right, the client could find, download (and even pay for) digital files of any type.
  • Ability to buy anything on eBay with a credit card: This isnt a start-up opportunity, but its something eBay should be doing.

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.