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BBC News writes:

The mobile phone industry is in danger of confusing people in its quest to pack everything into handsets, thinks Scott Jenson, a leading mobile industry design consultant.

Converging all these functions that are now possible into one device opens up major design problems.

What the industry should be coming up with are more innovative ways to get at these functions, thinks Mr Jenson, in ways that understand the kinds of experiences people want. It is about simplicity through design.

The mobile industry has watched iPod’s success carefully in its quest to find the “next big thing”, says Mr Jenson.

It knows it has to make use of ever-increasing processing power and other innovations, such as high-speed net access, to make money.

No longer are simple voice calls – the mobile’s original function – the main cash generator.

But cramming multiple functions into a mobile is still problematic. Mr Jenson is currently working on a product with a company that is a “mobile phone-iTunes type thing”, he says.

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Rajesh Jain

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