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The Mobile Technology Weblog writes:

My opinion is that search on mobiles will polarise into two distinct and sizable markets – maybe even dominated by different types of companies.

The first area is Location-Independent Search (LIS), which is very similar to the type of search you do on your desk top. After all, if you’re looking for ringtones to download to your phone, the location of the retailer is of little importance. Distance is dead and all that.

But if you want the name of a shop or restaurant, as an example, location is probably a very important factor indeed. Thus, you’ll want to undertake a LDS (Location Dependent Search). The default location will be where you’re standing right now, but you’ll be able to over-ride this by inputting another location, if you wish.

So the LIS sector could well end up being dominated by Overture or a company like that – I can’t see Google standing by and letting them win though. And the LDS sector should be the heartland for Yellow Pages or other locally organised directory service.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.