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The more I think about the term mashup the more I like it as a very fitting descriptor for this emerging Internet 2.0 world.

Here are a few Internet mashup observations:

* The current fashion of using tags allows content to be mashed together because folders separate content.

* Blogging mashes up the many formats of writing. News style gets mashed up with email style, for instance.

* The distinctions in media communications are being mashed up: online media with online communications of all sorts.

* Trackback unveils a mashup of different types of readers of online content. This is completely different from traditional media, which is always targeted at a specific demographic/type/job.

* Flickriscious communities Flickriscious is what we call a quality that provides for spontaneous expressions of aberrant behavior by online groups. It is a mashup because it involves people of all types.

* Domain names are mashed up: and I sometimes write mashedup sentences on SVW.

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Rajesh Jain

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