Business Week writes:

You walk into a Chinese restaurant and your phone buzzes. It’s a blog post from a friend with a simple message: Avoid the duck. This is one vision of future blogging from Qualcomm CEO-elect Paul Jacobs, who just stopped by our office. (He’s the one on the left in the photo).

This new type of posting is linked to a certain location. It’s called a Crunkie. The idea is that you can leave location-based posts in certain places for your friends. And they pop up when your friends appear.

So… Soon there will be no more need to carve messages on restaurant tables or scrawl them on bathroom doors.

The crunkie is the brainchild of Wavemarket, an applications company that Qualcomm has invested in.

This is what Crunkie’s website says:

Crunkie is a mobile social networking tool that brings the power of your friend group to your mobile phone. Now you will have one place where you can capture and share all your thoughts and experiences.

With Crunkie on your mobile phone, you can find your friends, see what they’ve been up to, and browse their favorite places. Through the mapping interface you can find each other and hook up while out on the go, or just kickin’ it on the weekend.

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