TECH TALK: Letter to a 2005 Baby: A Changing World

On April 19, I become a father. 37 years separate Abhishek and me. We are products of two different worlds. As I thought about the world Abhishek will grow up in, I started thinking about the world I grew up in. And out of all this thinking emerged this letter

Dear Abhishek,

Welcome to the World. As I hold you in my arms, I am thinking of the world around you that you will make your own in the years to come. It will be some time before you begin to understand the world around you. Hopefully, when that times, this letter will help you make some sense of where we once were and where we are going.

Atanu Dey says: Life is a Random Draw. In which case, you have much to be thankful for. You have been born in India, a country that has a great legacy, and even greater potential. While India slept through much of the second half of the previous century, the elephant is now showing signs of waking up. With a billion fellow countrymen, it had better! We are still a poor country, though you are fortunate enough to be among the countrys elite upper class. The top of the pyramid, as they say. And you better make use of this luck of the draw to make a difference in the world.

As I look at you, I cannot but think of the contrasts. Take your birth, for example. What I definitely know is that my father definitely did not do what I did to you take a photo with a phone and have it up on the Internet for family and friends to see within a few hours of your birth. In fact, as soon as you were born, I was on my mobile phone, informing everyone even while your mother was in the operation theatre. By the time you reached the hospital nursery about 15 minutes later, all notifications were done some via voice, and others by SMS. A few hours later, your photos were on the Net for all to see. A few days later, you were the subject of a blog post that drew plenty of comments from all over the world. So much has changed between our births.

Through this letter, I want to share some of my thoughts on this changing world. Hopefully, by understanding where we came from, you will also be able to make this world better. Because there is still a lot to be done. From tackling poverty to searching for sources of alternative energy, the world needs even more innovation and entrepreneurship. There are so many elements in todays world that are unrecognisable from the world in which I was born. For example, desktop computers, mobiles and the Internet didnt exist when I was born and already today, I cannot imagine a day in my life without any of them). I wonder what the equivalent innovations and advances will be in your life. Nanotech? Intelligent Machines? Quantum computing? Or something we cannot even imagine today? Whatever it is, you are going to grow up in amazingly interesting times. Because the only constant in this world is Change. And you are going to get plenty of it even as you grow up.

Tomorrow: Then and Now

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.