Impact of Cheap PCs

Slashdot points to an article by Clayton Hallmark: “He predicts that cheap Asian computing appliances with an Open Source Operating System on a chip will be the ultimate MS killer. References to the US$220 Mobilis out of India suggest the begining of newer, more powerful, and cheaper things to come. Mr. Hallmark also points to the success of the Wal-Mart cheap PC as proof the end is near for proprietory software.”

Mass-produced computers can KILL Microsoft and free the world’s computer users. They’ll be too cheap to accommodate MS Windows — MS’s bread and butter. Computers will go the way of TVs and VCRs — cheap offshore (non-USA) production. They’ll be cheap, simple, general-purpose (FREE SOFTWARE), all-electronic (no disk drive) — in other words, real electronic computers, finally.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.