IPTV and FolkTV

Ramesh Jain writes:

IPTV does require advances in infrastructure. Even today distribution, or communication, mechanisms used in TV and Internet are significantly different. They have been slowly moving towards each other, but are far from convergence. The TV structure, whether broadcast, cable, or satellite, is primarily based on the broadcast metaphor or the push metaphor. All the programs are pushed to the user. The only choice a user has is to change the channel or to turn off the TV. On the other hand the Internet infrastructure is based on lot more personal choice in access. On Internet people combine push and pull depending on their need and interest. Once video is available on Internet, people will expect to use all the tools and functionalities that they commonly use with text.

IPTV is a real transformation in the society. IPTV brings TV media to masses not as a consumer but as a producer. Common people start using TV medium to share their experiences and producing contents of interest to other people, not necessarily only with commercial interest in mind. People will use it to share family birthdays with other family members who could not be there to share the moment in person. And thos could be done live or time displaced. If the last major revolution brought WWW and information revolution, this will be the next revolution and a major step in bringing experiences to people. IPTV is really FolkTV.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.