Deep Commerce

Dana Blankenhorn writes:

What is Deep Commerce? It’s doing everything you can to drive sales for your commercial partners. Back in the day it meant performing research on your subscriber list, sharing the results and insights with advertisers.

Today it should mean much more. That should start with an attitude and a promise to your prospective partners. You will see new sales directly attributable to my efforts, and you will pay me based on those sales.

Some 99% of online sales are being lost by car dealers today because they don’t know how to deal with online responses. Help them do that. Train them. Do the pre-qualification work yourself. You will be earning the dealer money and becoming their commerce partner. A real estate listing can be worth thousands of dollars to the agent who gets it. If you’re helping them get it, each one of those listings could be worth hundreds of dollars to you.

What does this have to do with content? Everything. Publishers create content in order to create and define audiences who will support their advertisers. You’re doing the same thing, only you’re not talking here about advertisers, but commerce partners. And you’re not necessarily talking about content, either, but conversations.

Can this model work? It’s proven to work in politics. Political Web sites have directed literally millions of dollars to favored candidates and causes. They are a good model for what you’re trying to do on the editorial side, create compelling conversations that build loyalty, and make those people likely to support those partners you bring to them.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.