Technologies of Cooperation

The Feature has an article by Howard Rheingold who has co-authored a report and visual map of technologies of co-operation.

Although we report about technologies, the power of these tools derives from the social practices they amplify — specifically the ways people, machines and institutions can cooperate. These emerging digital technologies present new opportunities to change the way people work together to solve problems and generate wealth. Central to this class of cooperation-amplifying technologies are eight key clusters, each with distinctive contributions to scientific, economic, social and political forms of collective action:

Group-forming networks support the emergence of self-organized subgroups within a large-scale network, creating exponential growth of the network and shortening the social distance among members of the network.

Social software makes explicit, amplifies and extends many of the informal cooperative structures and processes that have evolved as part of human culture, providing the tools and awareness to guide people in intelligently constructing and managing these processes to specific ends.

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