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The Mindjet Blog (Francois Lavaste) has a summary and mindmap of his speech given at the Future in Review conference:

The less known challenge for technology is to make information more MEANINGFUL. I believe this is actually the next wave in information technology and software. Companies that will deliver on this benefit will be hugely successful. What I mean by adding meaning to information is composed of:
Putting the information in context
Exposing the relationships that exist within the information
Making the information easy to navigate
Ensuring the information is concise to enable users to see the big picture
Leveraging the power of visualization
Making the information actionable
Bringing information to life for each individual user and team.
Users need flexible, visual interfaces that have the potential to unlock the data and to enable them to act on it. I believe MindManager actually delivers on this promise better than any other productivity application I am familiar with. This is why Mindjet has a great opportunity to change the way we work and help us be more productive.

Conclusion: The next wave in software will be centered on adding meaning to information; making software applications work the way we think, visually, with our right brain. Mindjet is playing a major role in making that revolution happen and we are just beginning.

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