Atanu on Education

Atanu Dey offers a suggestion – inter-generational transfers.

Here is how it works. You go through the course and after finishing the course, you decide at some later time what it was worth to you. Depending on what your valuation of the whole exercise is, you decide whether it is something that is worth doing, and make a donation which goes to support those who will come after you to learn meditation. After all, you learnt meditation because someone before you donated the resources for your instructions and your stay at the center. The current generations instructions are made possible by the generosity of previous generation, and the current generation provides the resources for the instructions of future generations.

Here is what I propose as a model for higher education. First, start an institution which will teach qualified students for free and provide those who need a living allowance. Only admit those who promise to give back to the institution according to their means later. And during the years of study, the least the institution can do is to produce human beings who are not only capable of earning a living, but are decent enough to recognize their obligation and fulfill them. If the institution fails in either of these two objectives, the institution does not have a reason for existence and should be allowed to go out of business.

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Rajesh Jain

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