RSS Fund

The Boston Globe writes about a $100 million RSS fund started by Jim Moore and John Palfrey:

Moore and Palfrey are looking for companies that will not only apply RSS in innovative ways, but also clean up the technology’s inevitable problems. Consider the double-edged matter of spam.

Those mounds of digital junk in your inbox could serve as fertilizer for new RSS businesses. Say you’re a company that wants to promote a special deal to customers who’ve asked to hear from you. Use e-mail, and your valuable message may be lost to an overzealous spam filter. Or you could hang an RSS feed on your website. It’s the ultimate in opt-in marketing, since your customer must ask to receive the feed. And since it’s not e-mail, your messages never get mistaken for spam. So companies that provide RSS-based marketing solutions are worth a look.

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Rajesh Jain

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