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[via i-mode Strategy] From an EDN Global Roundtable:

Pradeep Chakraborty, Correspondent, EDN Asia/India: India is fast emerging as a design hub. And, wireless and broadband are all the rage. Several local and international companies are involved in various activities. Quasar Innovations, a local company in Bangalore, is said to be the first to develop a full-featured Bluetooth-capable GSM/GPRS phone. LG is also said to have developed a phone [in India]. The big news is that Nokia has opened its first fully integrated mobile phone manufacturing facility in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, in India. Both GSM and CDMA handsets will be produced here. Elcoteq has also set up its manufacturing facility in Bangalore, focusing on communication-technology products, especially wireless. This is not all. Sony Ericsson plans to manufacture mobile handsets in India, as do Moser Baer and LG. Samsung and the others should not be far behind. With the telecom companies getting an additional 10 MHz of spectrum, it is now envisaged that India can handle a mobile phone population of 250 million by 2007, compared with the current 51.4 million subscribers in February 2005.

Next, several companies are developing GPRS, WCDMA, and MMS stacks for the global market (Sasken, Wipro), as well as WAP gateways (Jataayu). Furthe, OATSystems, and Infosys have joined hands to address the needs of the global RFID market. EPCGlobal has also launched its India initiative to address RFID applications. In the Wi-Fi space, Microsense has outlined its strategy. Proxim will be conducting beta trials for WiMax in Q2 2005. MobiApps is designing and manufacturing terrestrial- and satellite-communication chipsets, transceiver modules, and software platforms for applications that require remote monitoring, asset tracking, and two-way messaging.

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