Google Wallet Musings

Charlene Li writes:

I was at the Supernova conference yesterday and ran into transplanted Bostonite Scott Kirsner we had a good discussion about how all of the new blog publishers would get paid for their good work. One of the ideas we tossed around was Google Wallet AdSense already puts paid links on thousands of content sites, so why not also enable them for micropayments? Google is already very good at tracking and collecting clicks worth five cents each. Google could also offer be a subscription pass that securely grants users access to premium content on multiple sites, with each site getting a share of the payment based on usage.

And heres another way that Google could leverage a payment system. Google is one of the largest backers of the new Atom standard, which helps syndicate content. Today, most of the content thats distributed via RSS is news headlines, but Im a strong believe that commerce-oriented content will be appearing soon. So what if Google were to come out with its specialized aggregators or Web sites that would use the open standard to receive items and information?

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