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Michael Parekh writes about a service he’d like:

There are seven key features that this “Outlook for Blogs” should have:

1. It should be web based, not client software based. This way it’s accessible via any PC, mobile device, phone, or other new internet-based gizmo that may come along down the pike.
2. The next key feature, especially if the service is offered by any of the four portal horsemen (YAGM, in no particular order)…MAKE SURE the service is NON-PARTISAN from a portal point of view. It needs to work and play nice with the major offerings from all the blogging services.
3. The user name to the “uber-blog” should be personalizable, accessible, from anywhere on the web and/or blog directories, if the user chooses. This is likely going to be their identity on the web, and a “personal-portal” for others to connect to them, again, if they so choose.
4. Enable monetization mechanisms a la Adsense and Adwords to be managed on any of the external blogs and the uber-blog, again at the user’s discretion.
5. Provide the ability for RSS-type feeds for any sub-blog or the uber-blog.
6. While we’re at it, this “Outlook for Blogs” service should also allow the user to deal with user’s Comments that the user posts on OTHER, external blogs. Specifically, the “comments” service should: (a) automatically keep track of the comments that the user posts on other blogs, along with the CONTEXT of the original post/s that the user is commenting on…and, (b) allow these comments and context posts to be either POSTED or DISPLAYED on the blog of the user’s choice via the “Outlook for Blogs” interface.
7. “Outlook for Blogs” should be search index crawlable…i.e., to facilitate, IF the user chooses, to have any and/or all of their choosing to be indexed on the various search engine index crawlers. This way, the content is accessible to the world, if so desired.

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