Attention Driven Advertising

Jon Husband writes:

We want respect, choice and control.

The issues Doc has highlighted, and the rise in importance of *attention*, make the notion of ‘sell-side’ advertising both more real (because – eventually – it won’t be tolerated much, and more importantly won’t perform effectively as advertising unless it’s honest and pertinent) and more feasible. I believe that there are applications appearing that will make this do-able; will make the publishers able to have much more choice and control, and stay closer to their audience so as to get a better sense of what is useful and effective.

Sell-side means this thought in an advertising target’s head … “I’ll use advertising if it actually means something to me and offers me something useful”.

This emerging dynamic very much begs the issue of how advertisers will also get increasingly granular feedback from bloggers about the *what’s-my-experience-and-what-do-I-want-to-know* aspects of the inventory offered by advertisors.. Increasingly granular feedback will begin occurring as contextual advertising gets better and more versatile.

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