RSS as Web 2.0 Platform

Mark Sigal writes:

RSS began its life as a really simple way for content providers to syndicate their content and for content consumers to subscribe to their favorite providers. When the blogosphere emerged, RSS really took off. Now, just as its simple technology cousin, HTML, provided the underpinnings of the Web 1.0 technology platform, RSS is emerging as a platform for delivering the broadband and mobile ready applications of a Web 2.0 enabled world.

From this vantage point, RSS evolves beyond simple publish and subscribe to become more akin to web services. The concept of a feed is extended to support both a diverse range of data and content types, and feeds can contain rich payloads. Furthermore, feeds gain the ability to expose well-formed methods providing the intelligent glue logic for building loosely coupled applications. Backed by two application examples, this blog presents a thesis of the key moving parts integral to the RSS platform and how they come together.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.