Organising User-Generated Content

Narasimha Chari writes:

I believe we are in the early stages of the “user-driven” phenomenon that is going to change media forever. It is fun to speculate how this space will evolve and here is my take:

a. I think the current “blog aggregation” model perpetuated by folks like Bloglines/Yahoo/Newsgator is not going to scale. I already have over 200 blogs in my “read” list and that number is only going to increase and currently Bloglines does not give me a good way to manage them

b. Aggregators aggregate blogs but what I really want is postings not blogs.

c. I also want these aggregators to “filter” these postings because I am interested in a few topics and I would rather “see” those postings than all the postings from a certain blog

d. This “filter” can be automated (think rss feeds of Delicious tags) or be done by a human e.g. Nivi’s VC’s channel

e. There will also need to come up with a better way of filing and storing the posts so that they can be retrieved easily

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Rajesh Jain

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