Entrepreneurs Are Predators

Tom Evslin writes:

Predators are smarter than prey. Hare-brained is an insult; sharp as a fox is a compliment…Predators learn terrain; they can learn the habits of prey theyve never seen before. They learn where to wait patiently and when to pounce. The play of kittens and cubs is as important to the development of their brains as it is to their muscles and their reflexes. And the play is full of stumbles and pratfalls learning experiences, in other words.

The ultimate sin in the entrepreneurial organization is not making a mistake, its hiding a mistake. Saying I was wrong is the first step towards getting something right. The greatest weakness of the imperial CEO is that no one will tell him that he is wrong. A CEO has to insist on hard work, fast decisions, risk taking, and mistake recognition especially recognition of the CEOs own mistakes. A CEO who rewards those who tell her when shes wrong can quickly correct her mistakes.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.