Tech for Small Businesses

WSJ writes:

Thanks to new technologies small firms can look — and in many cases operate — like only larger firms could just a few years ago.

“You want to give the impression that you are efficient, creative and professional, and that you have access to all the resources and capabilities that a large business does,” says Bruce Judson, a faculty fellow at the Yale School of Management and the founder of three Web-based small businesses. “Certain technologies can help you do this.”

In the effort to look bigger than they are, small businesses can start with the Internet. In the past, hiring a Web designer to launch a site with the necessary links, animation, stereo sound and interactive navigation was prohibitively expensive for many start-ups. They could create a Web site — but it would look as small-time as they were.

New technology, however, makes it easy for pretty much anybody to offer a Web site to rival the big guys. offers industry-specific multimedia templates that let an enterprise build a complex Web site or deliver Web-based presentations.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.