Map of the Web 2.0 World

Chris of Web Service Finder writes:

When looking at the world of web 2.0 I think that you can categorize the companies and products into a few different areas:

Data Silos:
Sites that create or originate content but do not share them openly are what I call data silos. Many of the “Web 1.0” companies fall into this area. Examples include:, Career Builder,

Web Service Providers :
Sites that expose functionality and data openly are what I call web service providers.
Examples: Google Maps, eBay API, Flickr

Data Silo Aggregator:
Sites that unify data from separate data silos into one common view.
Examples: AP News Wire (offline),, Oodle

Web Services Aggregators:
Sites that unify separate web services and/or data silos.
Examples: Chicago Crime Guy, Weatherbonk, Craigslist/Google maps mashup

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Rajesh Jain

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