Bill Joy Interview

[via Abhay Bhagat] Excerpts of an interview with Bill Joy from NerdTv:

Bob: I guess I’m wondering about areas that are emerging technologies that are interesting. And in every technical era we say oh that’s client server computing, that’s network computing, that’s workstations, that’s wireless. What are we just leaving and what are we just entering into?

Bill: We’re leaving an era where it was relatively simple. There was electronics burst on the scene where as law and things changed very quantitatively. So we had a mini computer then a big personal computer. And the personal computers kept shrinking and/or getting more powerful for very long period, maybe 20 years. And then suddenly what happened was we passed a threshold where the miniaturization allowed suddenly a phone, cell phone had the power of what your computer used to be but now if fits in your pocket and a little tiny keyboard, little tiny screen and is always connected. That’s very different. So the computers on the information side are becoming less recognizably kind of morphologically, kind of the same shape just shrunk and slightly altered as they were 30 years ago. They’re becoming more invisible. They’re having different ways of interacting with them by talking to them or touching them or having them always with you as opposed to something that’s in your bag which you don’t always have with you. So we’ve gone from a kind of a single trajectory, the Microsoft Intel personal computer wave trajectory with some life science, early genetics sighted to now having new sciences and materials, whole range of new opportunities and energy. Much, much broader set of opportunities than the life sciences and really a confluence of software with all the sciences that makes new things possible.

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