2005 Asian Innovation Awards

WSJ lists the winners:

Gold Winner: Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd., for a method of sending text messages in China using the finger to draw characters on a pad.

Silver Winner: Dr. Paul S.F. Yip and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research at the University of Hong Kong, for the “Little Prince Is Depressed” Web site that helps young people cope with depression.

Bronze Winner: Agilent Technologies Inc., for a color-management system for backlighting LCD TVs.

Honorable Mention: Professor James Goh, of the National University of Singapore, for a prosthetic socket system for amputees.

Global Entrepolis@Singapore Award: The Journal also presents the Global Entrepolis@Singapore Award, which honors a company that has a strong business model and the potential to become a global market leader. The award, presented in association with Singapore’s Economic Development Board, goes to Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd., for its high-speed residential broadband service.

Here is a previous story about the finalists.

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